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No one would have imagined the efforts currently needed to bring quality education to our students. Virtual learning or eLearning has become a mainstay in education, and teachers and parents alike may be looking for an online system to meet the challenges of this day.

Ambitek Learning has released our AmbitekClassroom eLearning Platform. Our online learning platform is now available to Public Schools, School Districts, Private Schools, Home-Schools, Tutors, Educators, and Parents.

Our eLearning Platform is easy to use, robust, and packed with learning content that can be used as-is or easily customized to give complete control over your course. AmbitekClassroom has tons of PreK-12 and College level learning material for Instructors and Students including Live Simulations and Virtual Labs.

Parents and Educators in areas currently closed due to COVID may use AmbitekClassroom at a reduced rate. Ambitek Learning currently offers financial assistance to individuals in rural America who may benefit from AmbitekClassroom.