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Youth Technology Learning

Ambitek’s ITEdge Learning Program (ITELP) for youth was established to increase career opportunities and provide training in Technology education to youth interested in Computer Hardware and Software, Coding, Programming Languages, Web Development, and obtaining IT Certifications.

ITELP was founded by Ambitek Learning Centers in partnership with the Youth With Technology Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The organization’s (program’s) partnership with Youth With Technology has allowed the opportunity to offer beginner-to-advanced IT Training as well as professional development training for our youth as IT education can be very expensive. The average rate for industry-standard certification training can range from $2,000 to $3,500 per course. ITELP strives to provide our unique professional level-learning opportunities tailored to be taught to elementary, middle, and high school students at an affordable rate while also providing them with other marketable skills and resources they need to be successful in any career.

What’s our ITEdge Program all about?

ITEdge is a technology learning and online gaming club that fosters the growth and development of students in a safe and fun learning environment. ITELP offers Online eLearning, Hybrid Learning, and On-Site learning. ITELP is offered during the day, afternoon, and during the summer. Both programs have been developed with the goal of engaging children in the fields of computer science and technology. Partnering with some of the world’s leading IT Organizations, the program broadens a child’s exposure to Technology with a wide variety of new, innovative courses not seen in traditional school education. The fun and intimate, hands-on activities of these courses strive to excite and inspire students about Technology, creating enthusiasm that will spill over to their schoolwork and school choices in future years.

Ambitek Online Gaming eClub

Students enrolled in an Ambitek Learning program will receive access to EA Sports Origin and our STITCH live gaming package. Students will have access to EA Sports games that are suitable for their age group. Ambitek Gaming Store offers STEAM remote controllers and gaming essentials for interested students.

  • Unlimited Access outside of classroom learning time. Games include: The Sims, FIFA, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Titanfall, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Crysis 3, Star Wars Battlefront, Dragon Age: Inquisition, SimCity, Dead Space, Dragon Age, and much more.
  • Real-time chat with other teams, clubs, players, and player forum.
  • Game Development and Testing
  • Monitored Playtime during learning sessions
  • Parent Access with Parental Control

Virtual eLearning Platform

Our eLearning Classroom Live classes have all the advantages of traditional classroom training, but with added flexibility and convenience. Learn from a live subject matter expert in an interactive and immersive learning experience.
Virtual training is as collaborative and interactive as traditional classrooms.
All Ambitek Learning virtual classroom sessions are taught by live subject matter experts who are trained to keep students engaged and focused, even when they’re not in the room. Other features of our live virtual training include:

Live Online Instructors

Learn virtually with the same experts who lead classroom courses


Direct conversations between instructors, students, and parents

*Equipment Rental or Purchase

**We offer Laptops, Headsets, Webcams, Keyboards, and more for remote students.


Options for class times from Eastern to Pacific

Enrollment Process

Our enrollment process is easy and can be completed in just a few steps.

  1. Review our ITEdge Learning Program schedule by clicking “Get Started”
  2. Complete Enrollment Application
  3. An advisor will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss our program
  4. Acceptance Letter will be emailed.
  5. Welcome Letter, Loaned equipment, course materials, and purchased gaming equipment will be mailed to student